Sunday, August 1, 2010

Celebrating each step

Every Sunday, Concetta from Glittering Shards sums up her accomplishments in a post to celebrate all the little milestones and Celebrate each step.

I'm going to have a go at the same.

So, this week.  I did some pastel painting. 'Tree of Cyclones' is still not finished, but is slowly getting there as the children allow.  I've set up a space for it in my studio (also decided to call my art corner a studio, because really, that is what it is) on the easel and it is working well so far, though I'd prefer it outside on a sunny day.


I've started my first painting for The Creative Color Challenge over on Louise Gale's Dream, Inspire, Create.  The colour chosen is certainly an challenging one and not one you usually see by itself. The results will be interesting. The topic I've chosen is a little bizarre and I'm not sure I can pull it off to any degree of success, but then this is supposed to stretch our boundaries.

I've designated Sundays and Tuesdays as art days. Sunday because Hubby is home to help with the children (he can have Saturdays), and Tuesday because my eldest goes to playgroup with Grandma and it's just me and Izzy and sometimes she will sit and allow me to work as long as she can see me.

Oh, I forgot, I definitely achieved something in crochet this week.  I completed a scarf I was making and started another. The results can be seen over at Ravelry, but as one or the other is for a gift, I'll have to leave piccies here until after they have been given.

So in the meantime here are a couple of piccies celebrating the Creative Colour challenge this week.

Wattle, Margaret River, Western Australia

I think the bug is the Giant Jewel Beetle, Julodimorpha bakewelli. And 'giant' is the key word. It was a good ten to twelve centimetres long. North of Cervantes, Western Australia.

In summary, juggling the house, the kids and my creative works is hard, particularly this week with Izzy having undergone immunization and has been feeling poorly for the last few days.  But I'm getting there. I'll just spit a few chips along the way.

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention! I won a beautiful mosaic piece over at Glittering Shards!   I'm tickled pink and a little stunned. What an introduction to the creative community. Check out Concetta's mosaics, she has some lovely stuff over there.

Here's hoping I can squeeze in enough time to complete the challenge this week, because I reeeeeally want to.

See you on the otherside :D



  1. Hiya determined nutty! Thank you for your encouragement over my way earlier - needed that :)
    Boy you have some amazing bugs over in oz! Am doing Louise's Colour challenge too but haven't got so far yet. Happy you won the will be coming your way, no worries and happy to be your first 'follower' - I remember when I got my first just over a year ago...happy to do the same for you :) Have a good week and well done with all you have accomplished this week. x

  2. Oh, thanks so much for being my first follower :D It certainly helps to write when you know someone will be reading.

    Heh, my challenge piece progress consisted of a hurried sketch and one small corner of detail when I wrote this. I've done a little bit more, but now I fear I've used the wrong yellow and my spontaneous subject is downright weird.

    Looking forward to seeing yours. If you haven't already, go check out White Violet's piece - - quick off the mark and dramatic too.

    Thanks for everything ::hugs::

    (who didn't do any art today...oops)

  3. Hi Nutty. Thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog. It means alot that you took the time. Our homes sound similar. Two little ones here as well. I am also doing the color challenge. Just need to do it. ha.

  4. You are always welcome and thanks for dropping over here for a peek :D

    Yes, very much so. My two are still very litle and time consuming. I'm on maternity leave at the moment and trying to sort out how to fit everything in. It is a challenge.

    I've started the challenge, I just need to squeeze in the time to finish it.

    Nice to meet you!

    (who should be tidying the kitchen ::cackle::)