Thursday, March 17, 2011

This blog is retiring

I've been meaning to write this post for a while, hesitating perhaps before I make it official even though I haven't done anything here for some time.

This blog is now officially retired and I will no longer be posting here.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time here. I've met some fantastic people and made new friends. I've rejuvenated my artistic creativity and am bouncing around the world with so much more inspiration than when I started here. But I have finally created the blog on my own website I had planned long before I created this site to use while I had my little newborn Izzy. Izzy will be turning one in a couple of weeks and I had some time on my hands over Christmas that enabled me to set up my proper online home.

So...I will keep what is here, but now you will find me and all my writings over at my new website, now two and a half months old, writing, arting and all round loving the creative blogosphere.

So what will you find on my new blog, Gumnut Inspirations?

Interviews with fellow artists on how they find their inspirations and keep creating.

Me looking over the fence at the artists around us and drawing a crowd when I say, 'hey , have a look at what this srtist is up to.'

My sources of inspiration, what inspires me, and might inspire you.

As I seek out information I need to learn how to art, I'm sharing it. These are the tools of the trade and the bits and pieces that can be hard to find outside a structured class.

Challenges, both hosted by me and others, through the slowly increasing list in the Challenge Directory.

And, of course, my art, my ramblings, everything that was here before I shifted across the web to my new home. I've even installed Google Friend Connect so all my Google Friends can come and play.

You can also find me on Facebook at Gumnut Inspirations and Twitter at Gumnut Inspired.

I would love you all to join me. I do miss some of the fun I had over here and am looking to recreate some of that on my new site and reconnect with those of you I'm missing.

Hope to see you there.

Best wishes,
(totally inspired over at my new blog)

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  1. Good luck at Gumnut. I arrived a bit too late, but luckily your archives are still 'alive'.