Sunday, September 19, 2010

I did it.

I did it. I got out my credit card and typed in those numbers engraved in plastic into the computer and paid to join Carla Sonheim's Silly Class. :D

I'm a couple of days late in starting (such is my skill with the creative grapevine and, well, my lack of decision making skills).  I've never done an online class like this before, but I'm hoping it will be fun and I'll meet a bunch of fellow creative peoples.

Also, I have gotten my grimy hands on a copy of Carla Sonheim's book,  Drawing Lab for Mixed-Media Artists: 52 Creative Exercises to Make Drawing Fun (Lab Series)  (which I discovered through the creative grapevine a few days after embarking on my blogging voyage), and am thinking of attempting on a few of the exercises in there, too (one a week perhaps?).  Would anyone like to join me?  There is a Flickr group to display any works we might create. I can co-ordinate it as a challenge if enough people are interested in joining in (and if no-one knows if anyone else hasn't already set up such a challenge we could join, because I doubt it is an original idea).

(dying to do art, but eaten by RL recently)

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  1. This sounds like a great idea! I just found the flickr group, I'm in! :) I can't wait to see what we come up with!
    Good luck with "The Art of Silliness" btw, looks like a blast! :)