Saturday, December 11, 2010


Dream, Acrylic, pen and gel pen on illustration board, approx. 200mm x 250mm.

The experiment from the previous post? Now a completed painting.

The scan seems to have obliterated most of the stars. Right down the centre of the piece is a spray of stars in yellow and white.

What do you think? Not quite my normal stuff. :D



  1. Magic! I really love this. I keep scrolling back up and looking some more. You should post this to Illustration Friday this week (in you've not done already). The theme is phenomenon which seems to fit this perfectly.

  2. Oh wow... I didn't see that coming. It's simply stunning! So powerful! How do you feel about it?

  3. Thanks guys.

    @Christie - I'm excited about this. It's a new kind of painting for me and I'm eager to explore it more. I like its mysterious incompleteness.

    If I don't come up with anything else, I might add this to the Illustration Friday challenge. But haveing reviewed this image digitally, I think there are a few bits and pieces I'm going to need to fix first.

    Thanks for your lovely comments, you feed my brush.

    (really tired after staying up late last night painting)

  4. This is beautiful Gumnut, and I think the tree uses the 'bubbles' to great effect. I reckon you are onto something really unique-looking here. Re adding stuff to an already good-looking artwork - how about scanning it in, then just working on a printout (at least to begin with?) I do that a lot, since I make a lot of mistakes.