Thursday, September 23, 2010

Looky, looky what I got!

I entered the art blogging world only a couple of months ago. I've been blogging elsewhere on a more personal note since 2004, but this blog is my first venture into the visual arts side of things (I've previously focussed on my writing, dribs and drabs of which will likely appear here in the future).

It was a touch daunting.  I'd been using all the time I had to sit on my butt breatsfeeding my newborn little Izzy to educate myself on the creative blogosphere (that and crochetting my hands off).  I found all these wonderfully entrepreneur women juggling art and family, or other jobs, and even some who had managed to grab the holy grail by its stem and go creative full time.  Wow.  And here I was barely managing to get the dishes done everyday and hadn't picked up a brush or pastel in years.

But I kept on reading and commenting in those places that caused my jaw to drop off.  Along the way I somehow managed to comment in the right place at the right time and the wonderfully talented Concetta announced that I had won a giveaway on her blog - Glittering Shards (love that name, it sparkles!).

Me? I won something? Oh, wow. I was a newbie everywhere and didn't really think I deserved it, but she packaged it up and sent it half way around the planet (one of the downsides of living Downunder is that unless I'm speaking to one of my fellow 21 million downunder peoples, I'm many, many miles away from everyone else). And it's arrived! (Well, to be honest, it arrived last Monday, but I haven't been organised enough to post it here with enough credit, the reason being something a little momentuous in my life which I will mention momentarily).

Isn't it gorgeous?  And it has me all inspired to draw dragonflies and create my own giveaway to pass the goodness on (I'm adding it to my list of must doos).  Thank you so much, Concetta.  This little piece of art will be hung above my art desk and will inspire me to new heights.  And thankyou for such a lovely introduction to the creative blogosphere community.  How on earth did I not know all you wonderful peoples were out here?

Okay, in reference to why this post was so delayed, beyond my inability to organise myself.  Last Monday my Sister-in-Law gave birth to twins.  I'm an Aunt!  And the four children (including my two) will all be around the same age and all will be fantastic when they are older.  Two little girls, who I will now refer to here as Hol and Miri (a shortening of their names).  This was all good, with one little exception.  The little twins weren't due until September, they are three months premature.

It was a hard couple of days, despite me not being anywhere near the frontline.  Sometimes the sidelines can be hard as well, and my brother is my baby brother, and having only had my little Izzy in March, I'm still really close to the whole issue.  I was beside myself for a few days.  But they are doing well.  Thank goodness and I wish them all the best.  I want huggles from them in the future.

(life is a learning experience)

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