Friday, November 19, 2010

Wind sculpted trees - Determined

It has been one of those weeks. I haven't managed to do much art and haven't even posted to my blog, which is even more disappointing. I'm not sure what happened. Real life ate me, I guess.

I have had something on the go. Something that should have taken me one day, but instead took I said, that kind of week.
Determined, pen on fineliner paper, approx. 270 x 200 mm.
I don't think it is as effective as some of the previous ones (here and here), but it has some value. I'm certainly going to continue my explorations in this area. That and I just maybe a little down in the dumps about my performance this week. Hmph.

Drawing Lab Challenge - Hah! Um, no, I didn't manage to do it. Maybe I'll have a go in catch up week.

I hope you did better than I.

(a touch depressed)


  1. I think this is beautiful. The movement in the bark works well, and the upright branches really convey that sense of determination.

  2. Cheer up! Everybody goes through these "creative down" periods, the main thing is just to keep going and not let your down days to overtake you! I love ink on paper medium *sigh* it's just so... I dont know.. cool looking..

  3. No way should you be even remotely depressed (although the "life at me" comment has me chuckling!! You work is beautiful and I admire how you are committed to continue to explore an idea or type of drawing. It so fun to see what you do with them each! Have a great weekend!

  4. Don't be so hard on yourself! This is a wonderful intricate piece! Love these explorations!

  5. Agree with Eva - don't be so tough on you! This is a clever little sketch bursting with originality. If it helps, I was hoping to join your Drawing Lab group this week but then I suddenly realised it's Friday and I haven't done my Rapunzel-inspired piece! Oh well, there's always next week...

  6. I'm sorry you have been having one of those weeks, I am too and it's tough to get past it some times. For what it's worth I think this one is great, I love what it's about, determination. Don't be so hard on yourself!

  7. It is a wonderful sketch! I've been very up and down this week myself - it just goes that way:)

  8. Well I think it's lovely. Is it a mallee eucalypt, Gumnut?

  9. Thanks everyone for your kind comments and I'm sorry if I was a bit mopey when I wrote this entry. I had promised myself to write only positive stuff on this blog and I kinda failed with this one. Thanks for all your wonderful support.

    Gay - yep, definitely a eucalypt :D And I'm planning on exploring a few mallees too :D ::waves at you from over Bass Strait and slightly to the left :D::