Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fan mail

I've been poking around the Net recently drooling over people's crochet projects (crochet is my current obsession) and have come across several artists who I admire considerably.

At the top of the list is Loretta Grayson and her blog 'A Shoebox of Photographs'. I'm finding myself to be a silly fangirl over this blog at the moment. I'm a total fan of her latest artwork 'Trees and Fairy Lights', and I'm beyond adoration for her Rainbow African Flower Cushion.  The cushion, while not a piece that would match the decor of my house, I find just magical in the way she has chosen the colours and executed the pattern.  I can't say how much I adore this work.  Also the 'Trees and Fairy Lights' has inspired me to get back to my artwork and get in there and just produce.  I'm all motivated and excited.

I've also discovered freeform crochet and am interested in having a go at it myself sometime in the future.  I stumbled upon Renate Kirkpatrick and her wonderful use of colour and texture.  And the ever legendary Lucy of Attic24, whose blog is inspires me to simply create.

Anyway, must dash. parenthood calls.


(who spends quite some time drooling these days)

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