Sunday, June 27, 2010

Spot project

So the yarn sitting on my desk possessed me and for the last couple of days I have been madly hooking away at what was supposed to be a one day project.  A prime example of me under-estimating how long a project might take.  But, hey, I'm still having fun and that is the main thing.

So my first cushion cover has begun.  Wibbly-wobbly stripes in the colours of the Sturt desert pea.

Theoretically the cover will fit a 42 x 42 cm cushion by the time I complete it.  I'm approximately two thirds of the way through creating the stripes.  Once I've finished those I plan to embark on a little crochet embroidery and emphasize those wiggly stripes with some more thin, embossed stripes in the same colours but contrasting to the colour they are embroidered more stripies.

This exercise has certainly let me loose with crochet stitches.  It is based on a 'long wave' stitch pattern from the Harmony Guide to Basic Crochet Stitches, but I have taken the basics and bent them to my own means.  I'm really excited at the possibilities.  I'm finding the artist in me is looking at yarn in ways it never has before and my brain keeps coming up with designs.  A sequel to this one is already in my head, the only problem being the fact that I do not want to have too many projects running at once.  Down that road lies unfinished work.

I also consider this to be my first attempt at freeform crochet, despite it not being of the typical type, and freeform is exciting stuff....just take a gander at  Ren's Fibre Art!  I would love to explore in that direction.


  1. What a good looking cushion cover! Your color choice is perfect and the "wibbly-wobbly stripes" make a cool, modern statement. I really like it.

  2. Thankyou! And thanks for visiting my new blog, I was getting lonely over here :D