Friday, July 2, 2010

Coming along nicely

I have completed the crochet base of the cushion cover and am now embarking on the crochet embroidery I have planned ('planned' is a very loose term here, basically I have an idea and am going to see if it works).

I bought the cushion insert today, and though it could be considered a mundane aspect of the project, I found it quite exciting simply because I was purchasing filling for something I had created.  It is getting close to a finished work and for me, that is an achievement I will cherish (and hopefully make a more recurring habit).

I've also got some ideas for other cushion covers that have me bouncing around in my head.  A couple lead directly on from this design, using the same colours in different ways (I bought more wool today ::insert evil cackle here::), but I also have a completely different idea for a gumflower cushion cover that would definitely involve me inventing either a stitch or some decidedly challenging embroidery.

I keep telling myself that I must complete this piece first, both to test the techniques, and to complete the process of making a cushion, something I last did in home economics class over twenty years ago (and not that well either).  I also don't have a sewing machine (they seem to be allergic to me and react by tangling and jamming should I walk anywhere near one...I'm thinking to see if I can find an allergy-free model if I end up taking up this craft a little more permanently), so I have the challenge of sewing this piece entirely by will be an interesting result.

I have little knowledge of sewing materials.  Can anyone suggest what material I might use as a back to this cushion?  The yarn is soft acrylic. Also, I'm considering colours, red, green, or black? Black was my initial thought, but I'm not one hundred percent convinced. The stripes will have a black border crocheted on, however.  Any help greatly appreciated.

I'm thoroughly enjoying being so inspired at the moment.  I've been surfing on my laptop while feeding little Izzy and have seen some wonderful works online. They press all my arty buttons and set off multicoloured light bulbs in my hair.


  1. Hi Nutty!
    I'm a novice sewer but I think a wide weave knit material should work quite well. I chose fleece because it's approx. the same weight as the crocheted part (so the heavier crocheted cover won't tug at or pull a lighter material) and also because fleece doesn't unravel. You might have to machine-sew a zig-zag stitch around a knit material if there's a chance that it might unravel or fray. Lazy wretch that I am, I used fleece to avoid the extra sewing :-)) You could definitely crochet a pretty edge along the seam - you might have to pre-pierce the holes using a sharp knitting needle or other pointy implement, (I'd use a smaller hook as well), but it would definitely work. And look nice.

    If you are going to edge the crocheted part in black (and it's really lovely, by the way. A great colour combination and I love those rippley patterns), I'd use a black backing fabric so your stitches won't be seen (sneaky, eh?)

    Thanks for your visit and the best wishes for my poorly hand. Yup - take care, that's what obsessive crocheting will do for ya!
    Looking forward to seeing the finished cushion,
    Olivia / The Gingerbread Lady

  2. Oops - just re-read your post and saw you don't have a sewing machine. The main thing to worry about, I guess, is that the stitches might tug at the knit material and pull at threads, causing it to unravel? ... What kind of yarn are you using, btw?

  3. Hi, Olivia!

    Thanks so much for helping me. The yarn I'm using is just a soft acrylic, 8ply, nothing special since I'm new to crochet and didn't want to spend too much money not knowing if I'd waste it or not.

    As for the sewing machine saying that I don't have one isn't quite the truth. I actually have two at the moment, both were my late grandmother's and both actually belong to my sister and I haven't really wanted to touch either of them (though one is an antique peddle sewing machine, so I don't think I'll be touching that at all). But you've prompted me to actually get off my butt and go out to the shed and start sweeping the cobwebs off the 1980s edition machine and get out the instruction book (I haven't opened the book yet, but it is sitting next to my chair in the lounge room ::grin::). I get the impression that my cushion cover would be better off with some hemmed material and since the thought of hemming by hand is rather torturous, I guess I'll have to learn the machine. I'm thinking of conning my sister into assisting me since she has actually used the gadget in the past.

    And thankyou for your kind words about my project. I think I will use a black back, might up its classiness ::grin::

    Oh, and I found you through Ravelry. Would you mind if I friended you there?

    Thanks so much again.

    Best wishes,
    (who is not absolutely sure whether you will be notified of this post or whether I should have posted to your blog in reply...not up on blogger nettiquette yet)

  4. PS: update on sewing machine - making very smelly electrical fragrance. Hubby is going to see if he can fix it, if not, I might shop around to see if I can find a basic model that is not too expensive.

    Also, drooled around fabric shop (which also has yarn, hence the drooling) and decided on black corduroy for the backing.

  5. Hi Nutty - me again!
    Black corduroy - lovely. But you'll def. have to get the machine out for that ... no escape now! Please friend me on Rav, would love to be able to keep an eye on your projects :-)

  6. This is a beautiful pattern, and I love the Sturts Desert Pea colours you have chosen! I've used corduroy for the back of crochet cushions (sewn with the sewing machine), and it seems to work well with the weight of the crochet.
    Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. I'm a little behind on replying to my blog comments, but will email soon :)

  7. Loretta,

    Thankyou! :D And I understand about being behind, after all, you're an artist and your priority should be your art.

    (with an armful of bub)